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Written on 13 October, 2009 – 6:49 am | by robread

For my first post in a while (now that I’ve got Firefox configured on a C4T – IE kept hanging), I’ve added some info that I have shared with a few colleagues about my new(ish) toy. I am currently experimenting with its use in an educational context, from planning and time management, through its use as a wireless keyboard & mouse (dependent on EQ’s patchy wifi) and with its use in literacy and numeracy.

As I (slowly but surely) get back into my DPLA work (Digital Pedagogy Licence Advanced), I’ll be adding to my blog on a much more regular basis. I am finding things changing constantly, and am exploring many avenues in my teaching. I am about to embark in a collaborative project with a class from North Carolina (thanks, ePals!), and have been experimenting with various Web 2.0 resources with my class.

I recently attended the QSITE conference in Brisbane which presented me with several informative and enlightening learning experiences, and meeting some members of my ‘twitterati’ and PLN was rewarding. I will reflect and muse on some of my experiences and thoughts on 21st century education in future posts. Meanwhile, enjoy the following (if you own an iPhone, at least!).

For when you have spare time, here’s some sites to check out, all iPhone related…. – it is what it says, in glorious colour – apps for students (but some good ones for teachers too) – conference presentation on best edu apps – Twitter mashups; how to waste away your spare time (and I’ve got heaps more!) – great if you use Tweetdeck – educational reviews of iPhone apps. They’re not afraid to bag an app if it’s no good for the classroom – exactly what it says – again, exactly what it says! – education apps for iPhone – mostly American, and heaps to trawl through – I’ve not seen this, but it’s an Internet TV program dedicated to apps

Following is a rough guide to some handy apps, mostly free;


1.      Keeper – encrypted storage for passwords (I’ve got 50 stored so far!)

2.      WiFiTrak – for tracing all wifi spots nearby – syncs signals better too ($1.19)

3.      Volunteer – random name, etc generator. Great for class lists, etc ($1.19)

4.      Instapaper – save web article for offline viewing, plus more

4a.     ReadItLater – similar to above, try both & see which you prefer

5.      Evernote – superb app, synchronises with your computer, stores everything, check it out at

5a.     SugarSync – wireless transfer of docs, etc from your phone to macs and PCs. Similar to above, check both out

5c.     Dropbox – similar to above

6.      RemotePad – use your phone as a wireless keyboard & mouse; works on C4Ts

7.      SmartLite – timetable/calendar (still playing with this one)

8.      SimpleMindX – free mindmapping app, great for quick notetaking

9.      IOUOI – keep a track of who’s borrowed what (textbooks, etc), or to whom you owe money (tuckshop), etc

10.     SpeakEZ – the sounds from the great old school spelling toy. I use it for spelling tests & the kids crack up!

11.     Yummy – a delicious client

12.     RssRunner – easy to use RSS client

13.     GoodReader – how to read large documents from Safari, email, etc. Check out

14.     TwitPict – tweet your photos with a message

15.     Twitterlink – tweet your webpage to your buddies

16.     GeoTweeter – tweets your GPS location, with a google map embedded

17.     ComicTouch – add speech bubbles to your photos

18.     PhotoFunia – embed your photo in a range of wacky backgrounds

19.     Animoto – video making app

20.     Lasoo – sees where you are and loads up all catalogues from local shops & stores


1.      Shazam – this will find out what track you’re listening to from an online database. No more wondering what that tune is…

2.      TuneWiki – when you play songs from your iPod, this app finds the lyrics from the web and shows them simultaneously

3.      Ocarina – play your iPhone like a flute

4.      GigBabyFree – mixing desk for your phone

5.      InstBtPlayr (Instant Beat Player) – it’s a drum machine

6.      GrandLite – a piano, with chords

7.      Kanon Drum – you use your fingers to drum along to riffs from AC/DC, Nirvana, etc

8.      Stylophone – as naff as you remembered

9.      TonePad – play soothing music you make up with the touchpad – settles class after lunch

10.     Balls – weird & crazy sounds and images
Educational plus

1.      WordWeb – dictionary & thesaurus

2.      Numberline – rearrange fractions on a numberline (kids love this)

3.      MultiConvert – converts all measures quickly (includes leagues and perches!)

4.      Epicentral – USGS feed for all recent earthquakes worldwide

5.      eReader – has books built in with auto scrolling function…

6.      SillyLite – a ‘fill in the blanks’ story game – great fun

7.      Wikipanion – better than the Wikipedia app

7a.     Wikiamo – see what the difference with 7 is

8.      WikiHow – a ho to guide to practically everything, stored on your phone

9.      Wikitude – augmented reality combined with Wikipedia – scary stuff

9.      Planets – shows you where the planets are with their brightness, etc – the globe shows night and day on Earth

10.     Twisty Lite – addictive word game – try it and you’ll see

11.     FreeGrammar – test it out first, good grammar tests

12.     iTranslate – easy translation for many languages; can email answers too

13.     Speller – checks if your spelling is correct

14.     Timetable – what it says

15.     PI Lite – timetabling app

16.     SmartLite – as above

17.     WritePad – handwriting recognition software for iPhone

18.     Shakespeare – every sonnet, play, etc

19.     Locution – strange and baffling words to extend your vocabulary

20.     Factbook – world factbook / encylopaedia

21.     pUniverse – amazing augmented reality astronomy app – hold it up and it tells you what you’re looking at

22.     Google Earth – of course

23.     Planets – tells you where they are & what they’re doing, with a great day/night globe feature

24.     Distant Suns Lite – another great astronomy app

25.     Flickmation Lite – stick animation app
PLUS – Trapster – shows you where speed cameras are in real time using GPS!

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  2.   By Kate on Oct 14, 2009 |

    This is a great list of sites to visit if you are interested in the potential of iPhone and iPod Touch in education.

    Thanks for collating this list and sharing it. : )

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